Because a lot of the other things I like eventually lead back to Who in some way.


liberator babies

This story in b7 annual 1979 has turned into crack fic.The crew gets spashed with alien baby goo and they all think they are babies.

"Cally lay curled up in a ball on the floor,smiling.Blake walked over and touched her shoulder.She looked up at him with wide,smiling eyes.
Blake was shocked.He wasn’t her mama…was he? Who was he then?”

And Zen creates an antidote but it spills on the floorand there is a way too long description of Blake licking it off the floor 0-0
“There was no way to get liquid from the floor to his mouth.If he wanted it,he’d have to lick it…”
“MMM,that was nice if he could only get some more”